Monday, July 23, 2012

Tell Me More!

Hi Friends!
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1. I started blogging just recently, like last month, at the urging of another teacher friend who says I need to share my ideas with the world. So, here I am. Although I have a lot of technology experience for Kindergarten (like ipad apps, smartboard lesson creation, etc), I am learning all about social media.

I hope you will stay tuned in for more as I have so much to share with you. I’m also looking forward to learning from all the amazing teachers I read about. Thank you for helping me to be a better teacher too.

Terena Riggins Website
2. I love my job! I teach Kinder and although it seems to be the hardest, it’s also been the most rewarding. Teaching the little children of K brings me such joy and just plain makes my heart happy. Thank goodness God grants us so many wonderful qualities to do so, like PATIENCE! 


3. By the grace of God, He has truly blessed me!

4. Marrying my husband was one of the best days ever.
5. Family – I couldn’t live without my family! They are the best!!!!!

6. I’ve always been a little dare devil. I *L*O*V*E* anything fast and somewhat edgy. I downhill ski (love to jump, ski off course, etc), ride motorcycles, and I used to whitewater raft and rock climb often. Now we spend a lot of time camping in the mountains & at the beach.
I couldn’t live without it.
IMAG0019     IMAG0026
10. I love to volunteer and give. I believe it’s important to help others through volunteering and giving back to our communities and those less in need. My favorite volunteer position for several years was being an outdoor EMT at our local ski resort.
ski patrol
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  1. Found you through the linky!! Thanks for sharing about yourself-- your girls are precious!!! I am your newest follower. And I've nominated you for an award, swing by my page for more details!

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