Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SALE! on Everything!!!

Use Code: BestYear at Checkout to get 28% OFF all items in my store.

I'm also offering a special fundraiser bundle in my store as well.
Today you can also get my Promotional Bundle of 5 of my products for ONLY $8.80!

Regularly an approximate value of $25
All proceeds go to "Ashley's Hope" fundraiser.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ashley's Hope - Promotional Bundle 1

Hi Friends!

I just posted the Promotional Bundle #1! To purchase, click on the picture and/or continue reading below.

Regularly $22 but now ONLY $11

It includes the following products at a 50% SAVINGS!!!

Alphabet Beginning Sounds Books
My ABC Letter Books
Find the Letter
Alphabet Fluency Strips
Read, Trace, Create & Write

Again, in case you missed it, this promotional product is to benefit Ashley to help her acquire a service dog and all proceeds go directly to this cause.

Promotional Bundle #2 will be released next Wednesday, August 3rd!
Again, 50% OFF the regular individual prices.
I hope you will support this cause too.

Thanks for considering!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Upcoming Weekly Sales!

Hi Family, Friends & Followers!

As some of you already know, my daughter has been struggling with seizures. Due to this, our family has decided to fund raise for "Ashley's Hope - Seizure Service Dog."

You can find more information at the link below. I'm asking that you'll share this link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts or other social media. On this site, there are buttons to do this under the picture of my daughter on the "go fund me" site (link below).

Beginning Wednesday, July 20th
I will be having bundle sales to benefit this cause.
More dates below to follow.

If you like any of my products, you'll SAVE tremendously with the number of bundles I will be putting together. I will post the bundles information right here on my Blog as well as my Facebook as to when they will be released & downloaded on my TPT store site. You will also see them on my Pinterest account under "Kinder Cupboard Downloads" as well as other areas of Pinterest.

Wednesday dates will include:

July 20th
July 27th
August 3rd
August 10th

I hope you will consider purchasing my products towards Ashley's Hope. Seizure Service Dogs cost approximately $25,000! I know, crazy, right!

Thanks for your support sharing her link and / or donating to this cause.

Terena and Family

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Digital Wish! Are You a Member?

What an offer! Straight from Digital Wish...

"Our most popular program is back! - Now on the Sprint network, Mobile Beacon's 4G LTE Program has donated hotspot modems and discounted $10/month wireless service for educators. You get unlimited, high-speed 4G LTE mobile broadband service and a high quality, 10 hour battery life hotspot modem that can connect up to 10 people to the internet on only one plan! 

You can expand your internet access at school, on field trips, at sporting events or while working at home. Using the Sprint carrier network, the coverage area is now over 5 times larger and internet speeds are a lot faster.

And we know educators work from home, so you can use your personal credit card to acquire service, as long as you register with your school email address.

This program is also an excellent opportunity for expanding equity to students who do not have high speed internet at their homes.

A small program admin fee applies and subscriptions must be paid for a full year."

Find out more and get your donated hotspot modems with service here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Planet Turtle

You'll love this engaging math software!

Click on any of the pictures to view the video. Once you hit the landing page, be sure to click the triangular play button as the screen will show up completely green.
Take a guided tour of Planet Turtle.
A review of Planet Turtle, the first serious instructional system to use the same kind of technology that keeps children glued to their video games.
We will demonstrate the Planet Turtle world - where students choose HOW they want to practice - and the simple and powerful teacher tools to direct and track WHAT they practice.

Students develop mathematical fluency in a fun and engaging environment.
Planet Turtle individualizes content for each student as they play, using advanced algorithms to promote students from one topic to the next as their learning progresses. Learning improves as the system continually reacts to their performance and provides additional exposure and review on necessary topics. Since the questions are interchangeable in activities, Planet Turtle serves up appropriate content while still letting students pick their favorite games!

Custom Student AvatarStudent Community Interaction

Teachers can set up Planet Turtle to match their classroom program.
Working behind the scenes in this virtual world, teachers can direct the math topics based on the needs of their class. They have access to detailed reports, both on individuals and the whole class, and they can search for and assign specific math topics. Planet Turtle then integrates the math content according to their directives. This unique feature of Planet Turtle enables the teacher to direct student learning, leaving game choice up to the student!
Planet Turtle includes pre-programmed correlations to math programs like Everyday Mathematics, Math Connects, and other leading programs. Teachers will also find correlations to national math conventions.

Students stay involved with learning through a contemporary gaming experience they enjoy. 
The virtual world of Planet Turtle uses the latest massively-multiplayer technology to create a rich learning environment. As students play and explore, they are rewarded with new features and an ever-expanding world. Game types range from strategy-based to racing the clock, and new games become available as rewards for learning success! This immersive experience has the power to engage students in practicing skills far more intensively than any printed program.

Planet Turtle - Student ActivityPlanet Turtle - Student Game Selection