Friday, January 25, 2013

Kids, A Cold & The Dreaded Flu

Being around young children, all of us teachers know we’re bound to get sneezed and coughed on! And, as such, last week many of my kiddos were sneezing all over! And, although we try to teach them to cough in their elbows, use tissue to wipe away their snotty little noses, and wash their hands with soap, it never fails me… I catch their colds!
Sunday, I came down with this horrible cold. I had read on Pinterest about honey and cinnamon helping to alleviate symptoms within a day. Could this really be true? Whether it worked or not, what could it hurt to try it.
cold remedy
Is there anyone who doesn’t keep these ingredients on hand? So, I mixed it up just like the picture says, took it 3 times yesterday and presto! My cold isn’t gone BUT I feel like a million bucks today! How many of us say that in 1 day?
If you are skeptical of this like I was, give it a try anyway. It worked for me and maybe it will work for you. Plus, it’s easy to mix, could have lots of positive benefits and it’s free!
Stay healthy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Printing Documents from Google Drive

Recently, I uploaded graphic organizers to my Google Drive to share with you. It seems some of you can save to your google drive, download to your personal computers, and even print. However, some of you can not.
If you’re one who can not print you may want to check your computer’s cookie settings.
1. On your home computer, if you’re using Chrome you need to sign in to Chrome to do this. Follow Chrome’s instructions when prompted.
2. On your school computer, if you are unable to download the entire document your school technology administrators will probably need to change the network settings.
If you’re experiencing any problems downloading my FREE documents from Google drive, please email me! I’d be happy to send them to you.

Blogging & Time to Blog!

When I began blogging, I was truly enjoying the new community I was getting to know and sharing what I could. But, as it stands, my life takes over and getting on the computer takes last priority in many cases as you can see from the decreasing number of posts I have made.
However, I have found a hopeful solution. As I said… hopeful! After all, I have a husband who loves his time with me, a toddler who never stops needing me, a full time job teaching, and all the special things I do on the side… blogging for my students and blogging here at The Kinder Cupboard! Sometimes, it takes a toll. I’m sure you know too.
Today, I would like to say thank you to Mama Jenn at This year, I am going to give her blogging planner a try! Just click on the active link above to download yours for FREE! I hope then, I will be able to share more information and lots of printables for you all. Be sure to scroll down the page to find the post dated December 28, 2012.
mamajenns blogging planner
I grabbed my copy and then bound it with these great products below! You can get these at an office supply store or grab them at Amazon! If you’re like me, often times I buy over the internet just to save some precious time!
I love my ProClick Modular Binding System. So easy to use and not to mention much less expensive than the traditional binding comb system. If you’re on a budget, this is the way to go!
Not only can it be used to bind together the pages of your new blog planner but, I love using this system to bind my student made books and pages! They have lots of student made books and love it too.

Best of luck!
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Thanks a bunch!

Monday, January 21, 2013

High Frequency Words 2

Hi! As promised, I am back with the remainder of the Kindergarten high frequency words for the rest of the year.
outline words 2
Just click on the picture above to download your FREE set!
Thanks for visiting! Hope these come in handy however you decide to use them with your class.
Also, I had several emails how I created these. First, I inserted the frame I chose (a png file). Then, I inserted a text box and typed the word I wanted. In addition, I selected the text and formatted it to make it in the “outline” style you see (right click, format).

Friday, January 11, 2013

High Frequency Words

This school year seems to be flying by so quickly. As I am up late tonight, I decided to whip up some new high frequency word outlines to replace mine that are getting tattered with so much use.
word outlines ck 1 to 5
Click on the picture for your FREE download.
My students use lots of different manipulatives, rather than pencils and paper, to build high frequency words. Some of the items we use are:  play-doh, jewels, glass globs, shells, pom-poms, marshmallows, gumdrops, other foods, cubes, links, stickers, etc.
My students love building their words and get excited each time I change out the manipulatives for out new themes!
This download includes the words in Treasures Smart Start through Unit 5. I’ll be back with words for Units 6 through 10 very soon. Please check back, subscribe, or join as a member to receive notice of the next set!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Make Your Own Thinking Maps!

Would you like to use cute Thinking Maps in your Kindergarten classroom without spending lots of time creating them?
Today’s downloadable document includes four Thinking Maps that are editable so you may add pictures and text depending upon your theme on Google Drive. You may not be able to view the thumbnails, however, the document is there when downloaded!
1. Venn Diagram (comparing)
2. Tree Map (classifying)
3. Bubble Map (describing)
4. Brace Map (whole to part, part to whole)
All you need to do is download the document and save. Click the picture above to download. When you decide what topics you are teaching, just add pictures to the PowerPoint. You can do this using the INSERT button and choosing the clipart or picture icon as seen above in the first picture.  I chose to insert raindrops and snowflakes to compare.
Remember to always “save as” another file name if you want to keep the themes you create as separate files that are easy to find each year.
I’ll be back with more editable designs and borders this week.
Enjoy your download! I hope you find it helpful.
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