Friday, January 11, 2013

High Frequency Words

This school year seems to be flying by so quickly. As I am up late tonight, I decided to whip up some new high frequency word outlines to replace mine that are getting tattered with so much use.
word outlines ck 1 to 5
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My students use lots of different manipulatives, rather than pencils and paper, to build high frequency words. Some of the items we use are:  play-doh, jewels, glass globs, shells, pom-poms, marshmallows, gumdrops, other foods, cubes, links, stickers, etc.
My students love building their words and get excited each time I change out the manipulatives for out new themes!
This download includes the words in Treasures Smart Start through Unit 5. I’ll be back with words for Units 6 through 10 very soon. Please check back, subscribe, or join as a member to receive notice of the next set!


  1. I love these! Thanks for sharing. I teach first grade Treasures and would like to make some more. I am curious what font you used to create these posters??? Thank you!!!

    1. So happy you like these. I used the font CK Handprint. If and when you complete your first grade words, I would love a copy for my advanced students! Thanks. I'll be posting the remainder of the Kindergarten words this next week.

  2. I love these word cards! Where did you get CK Handprint font (or did I miss that)?

    Terri Izatt

    1. You can download this font just by googling the name of it. Just be careful b/c some site will download more stuff onto your computer.