Friday, January 4, 2013

Make Your Own Thinking Maps!

Would you like to use cute Thinking Maps in your Kindergarten classroom without spending lots of time creating them?
Today’s downloadable document includes four Thinking Maps that are editable so you may add pictures and text depending upon your theme on Google Drive. You may not be able to view the thumbnails, however, the document is there when downloaded!
1. Venn Diagram (comparing)
2. Tree Map (classifying)
3. Bubble Map (describing)
4. Brace Map (whole to part, part to whole)
All you need to do is download the document and save. Click the picture above to download. When you decide what topics you are teaching, just add pictures to the PowerPoint. You can do this using the INSERT button and choosing the clipart or picture icon as seen above in the first picture.  I chose to insert raindrops and snowflakes to compare.
Remember to always “save as” another file name if you want to keep the themes you create as separate files that are easy to find each year.
I’ll be back with more editable designs and borders this week.
Enjoy your download! I hope you find it helpful.
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  1. Thank you for these wonderful graphic organizer. Believe it or not I teach grade six and we use these too! I find my gifted students are not fans of using graphic organizers...they just want to DO the task...but they have to learn how to demonstrate their thinking using them because graphic organizers are found on our standardized testing in grade six! I think providing them with the ones you have created will motivate them to try using them more often!
    I am your newest follower!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad to see your students will use these!