Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monday Made It–Display Bookshelves

This year I have decided to redecorate my classroom. One of my projects was to get rid of the old or at least make it look new again! Stay tuned in for more and be sure to become a follower.
Does the store Borders ring any bells? Yes, they closed the doors for good but have any of you visited these closed stores? Many of them still have furniture inside of these buildings.
This summer I went to a local Borders bookstore and was lucky enough to find someone working inside. They were dismantling the bookshelves and display shelves as well as throwing away all of the furniture (desks, chairs, computers, telephones, etc.). Can you believe that?!
So here’s what I received!
I opted for 2 of these display shelves which were 8 feet in width and 5 feet in height until modified!
My husband used a skill saw and removed the top display shelving unit, leaving a floor unit and one stand up unit. Here’s how they have turned out so far but I still have a few finishing touches to go.
I’m very happy with my project although it took some time painting. I didn’t want to sand the wood so here’s what I did to make my project faster!
1. Tinted Primer! Since I wanted to paint these shelves black, a dark tinted primer will prevent you from having to prime any item twice.
2. Black Paint – Use a nappy roller for best application without having to paint twice. If you use a spongy roller for a smoother finish, the sponge will absorb lots of paint and you’ll be putting on two coats of any dark color you choose.
3. I purchased these cute wooden decorations at Michaels craft store. They were on sale for 15 cents each.
Wooden Decs2     Wooden Decs1
4. After paint cures a few days, I used craft bonder to adhere these permanently to the paint. You can find it in any craft store aisle where the glue guns are. Simple to use: just add it to the back of the item, wait 2 minutes and then place.
5. Last of all to finish my project, I am going to use my White Sharpie below to write letters of the alphabet and words on and around the wooden decorations. Unfortunately, I was not able to get back into my classroom to complete this. Our district has a strict policy during the summer. So much so, that we have to turn in our keys!
Total Cost $30
Hope you enjoyed my Monday Make It project!
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  1. This came out amazing! I love how you decorated it and can't wait to see it once you add the alphabet letters. I can't believe they were going to throw out such a quality bookshelf!