Friday, July 27, 2012

Link Up for Behavior Management Tools during Carpet Time

It seems every year I have a student who needs a little help staying in his own space (instead of others) during carpet time in our learning corner.
And, although the district does allow painters tape (to make a seating grid, straight lines, or Velcro dots) to be placed on the carpets, it sometimes doesn’t have the effect I am looking for… you know, the child staying in one place and actively learning.
So, I picked up this little gem this summer! Of course I am hoping it will help that one student I get each year get excited to sit and learn in our learning corner during carpet time!
Behavior Management Cushion
I find a seating grid or graph made from placing painters tape on the carpet works very well for me, especially at the beginning of the school year. Later, I transition to straight lines using the tape as the students understanding develops of where and how to sit on the carpet.
But, when the seating grid doesn’t work for a student, I try a variety of strategies. This year, I am adding this seat cushion and hoping to make it a positive reward for the student who has difficulty sitting.
Right now, you can purchase similar inexpensive items at Dollar Tree or Target. But, I am redesigning my class and decided to splurge on a few things… this being one of them.
Continue to check in periodically for updates on the new classroom design.
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  1. I start off sending students back to their seats to show that I mean business from the beginning. I also use my color chart from the start just to establish my expectations. However, I had one particular boy last year that just could not sit still or keep quiet on the carpet. I have a huge rug with letters, numbers, shapes, etc... He had a "special" spot. When he would start acting up we would remind him once or twice about having to go to his spot. Third strike, he moved there. Once there he usually did great because he didn't want to deal with the following consequence.

  2. I used three of these for the past two years. I saw colleagues with inflatable rubber cushions from special catalogs. Since I couldn't afford those prices, I brought in a cushion from home and had two more donated. Having three in the room for students to choose allowed me to direct my student(s) who have needed them to it when necessary, but also to have them not stand out so much since body control was something I wanted to help them to learn, not something I wanted to punish them for not having yet.

    I also taped off spaces on my rug in the shape of ten frames to illustrate the concept of "10", but it was also a sneaky way of giving the students a great delineation for personal space.

  3. I love the idea of having a special seat for the carpet! At my preschool, we used to use vinyl placemats to help students mark their seats, though now I have a carpet with letters of the alphabet around the edge, and the students each get an assigned letter. I also use a really fun routine called the "Most Points" which is free, and I just linked it up! Looking forward to seeing all the other ideas!

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