Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paint Chip Ideas #2–Segmenting


Continuing with paint chip ideas for the classroom, today’s post will focus on segmenting phonemes.

As I stated in the previous post, paint chips come in various sizes, single and multiple colors on a chip, viewing holes, etc. This next set of paint chips I pick up at Lowes simply because they have 3 paint colors on one chip with the viewing holes. Again, use a paper cutter to slice the edges off where the paint color and numbers are located and finally draw a happy face in the upper left corner (I’ve also used stickers before but the students tend to pick at them) to teach the students where to begin when we first start learning to segment beginning, middle, and ending sounds.

IMAG0558     IMAG0557

Like the paint chips I used for blending, you can use these a few different ways. First, laminate them if you wish. Then use dry erase markers to write a word in each section. Don’t forget to erase right after finishing the lesson. Again, I prefer to replace them when they get tattered and instead use magnetic letters the students can hold. I also use magnetic letters from Really Good Stuff. Their letters are color coded: blue for consonants and red for vowels. So, using these we can have discussions discerning the CVC relationship as well. As for this particular chip, I find the students love the placing their finger in the viewing hole when segmenting. It’s a great way to teach them to find one phoneme rather than the blending strategy where they slide their fingers across the entire chip. Another way I have used them is to write the words with a permanent marker and eventually place them in a center where students can practice with partners.


Don’t forget, you can get these in all different colors. My students get excited to pick their own colors each time we practice this strategy. Happy segmenting.

More on how to use paint chips in your classroom tomorrow!

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Please leave comments if you have other great ideas on how to use paint chips in your classroom.

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