Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Management Tip–Time Out

Do you need to use Time Outs in your classroom to redirect student to get back on task?

There are lots of ways to manage your students’ behavior but here’s an idea I ran across this summer!

Sometimes, when it’s necessary, as teachers we need to remove a student from a center or station to get them focused on what they are learning or how to improve their behavior. All too often students are being sat down at a time out chair but have nothing to do. Having nothing to do sometimes equates to more misbehavior. Therefore why not have something academic to do.

How about alphabet practice, sight words or phonics practice? Even number writing using a poster. You want it academic but not too much fun as our goal is to return the child back to their groups.

Now, you’ve just allowed your off task student a quiet place to not only think about how to get back on task, but an academic area to continue their learning. AND, although these activities at Time Out may be less fun, they’ll re-focus, practice a skill and want to return to their previous center / station to the more exciting stuff.

What activities do you have at your Time Out area for students to do while re-focusing?

Share your ideas in a comment!

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