Friday, February 7, 2014

Write Your Room–Literacy & Math

My students are learning about communities and neighborhoods right now. And, because we live in a farming area, we’re incorporating the farming industry. In addition, we are celebrating with some Valentine’s activities sprinkled throughout. So this year, I have created a thematic mixture of Valentines and farming in a Write Your Room literacy and math packet along with recording sheets.
It will be released this weekend!
Here’s a peek at what’s to come!
The literacy portion of the packet will include:
Phonemic Awareness Activities like initial, middle, and final sounds. Phonics activities will include alphabet identification, upper and lowercase matching. High Frequency Words will also be included for recognition and manipulative spelling. A Real and Nonsense word section will also be available. Other literacy items will be rhyming words, alphabetical order, syllabication, and sentence structure.
The math portion of the packet will include:
One to one correspondence, number recognition (words and numerals), missing numbers, counting from any given number, addition to 10, greatest and least, and much more!
If you would like to get this set for FREE, be sure to follow my Facebook page as I will be giving it away to the first 5 people who leave comments ONLY WHEN it’s released! So, keep looking for it!

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