Monday, February 17, 2014

Write Away! FARM Edition

You can now download my FARM edition of Write Away! Write the Room activities. Find it at the link below on my TPT store site.
(click the image)
Farm Edition
FARM Write the Room
Included in this packet are:
LANG ARTS:  Alphabetical order, High frequency sight words,  Making sentences,  Labeling,  Syllabication,  Beginning sounds,  Ending sounds,  Middle sounds,  Rhyming,  Real and Non-sense words
MATH:  Counting 1:1 correspondence,  Numeral ID and writing,  Number building,  Number word ID and writing,  Tens frames addition,  Tens frames 1:1 correspondence,  Counting on,  Addition to 10, Missing numbers in a set, Greatest/Least in a set
Sample Below
FARM Write the Room Preview
And much more!
You can download it for FREE only for a very short time on my Facebook page.
If you like this product, follow along to download my next releases! Often they are given away FREE for a short time before they’re made for sale.
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