Monday, January 13, 2014

Pebble Books & More!

I love these books!

Pebble Book Penguins

Welcome to the Pebble series!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to read these, I highly recommend them. This is just a sample above. You can find these books in Scholastic’s Student Book Orders, sometimes. If so, they are a great buy!!! In fact, if you were to order them from the publisher you’ll need to order sets! And, that gets pricey. Once in a while you can find these terrific books on between $3 and $5.00. They go quick though. I have not seen them anywhere else for less.

capstone logo

If you need sets though, visit

Here are the best reasons I love them!

1. Our little ones understand the content, at their level!

2. Awesome picture support, at their level!

3. There is a glossary of terms.

4. Inside the back cover there is a list of other books.


5. I love the website! What am I talking about??? Click on the picture below!

facthound.gif (145×100)

This website offers a safe way to find websites related to the Pebble books you read to your students!

There are codes in the inside back cover to help you find what topic you’re looking for at age appropriateness for your kiddos! So check them out… they are all researched by the staff at Capstone who publishes the Pebble series.

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