Sunday, January 19, 2014

Alphabet Beginning Sounds Booklets ~ 1 Page ea.


This product has now been uploaded to my TPT and TN accounts for FREE!

In a previous post, it may have been misleading that if you “liked” my NEW Facebook page you would receive the product FREE. You can read more about it HERE.

Because this was the case, I have uploaded the product for FREE for a limited time.

I offer my apology to those of you who thought it was misleading. This was my first Giveaway on my blog using a third party entry.

I will still continue to run the Giveaway. If you are the winner and did not get the FREE download before the contest was over, I will still give it away. Thanks for understanding.


This products contains 26 total alphabet flip books to help students learn letters and beginning sounds. These 1 page booklets contain simple high frequency words the students become familiar with. It’s also copy friendly! Just one page per child makes a book. They are all black and white so students may color the pictures and highlight the beginning letter / sound in each word.

To make the book, students will trace the gray alphabet letters (upper and lowercase) and color the pictures. They will then cut apart the booklet where the picture of the scissors are located. Cut along all the dotted lines. Finally, students will stack the pictures and staple together creating their booklet.

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