Saturday, January 4, 2014

FREE - Treasures U2 Language Arts Graphing


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Treasures Kindergarten LA Graphing Unit 2       Treasures Kindergarten LA Graphing Unit 2

This product contains questions and related pictures to the Friends Unit in Kindergarten Treasures Unit 2. All strips are labeled with the Unit and Week numbers for easy finding and filing away.

Just print, glue on sentence strips and laminate! That easy.

Sample Questions in the Packet Include:

Which you rather live like the city mouse or the country mouse?
Which activity with a friends would you most like to do?
Do you think it is okay for friends to be different?
Have you ever helped a friend solve a problem?
Are you most like Little Red Hen or her friends?

Simple to use. After taking pictures of your students, glue them to nameplates and laminate. Use the nameplate as the holding space under the graphing picture.

These are great questions that will lead to Common Core Standards discussions among your whole group, small groups, or even your cooperative groups too. I also like to use these in literacy centers with clipboards.

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