Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ESGI Software

What is ESGI?

Kindergarten assessments have evolved with ESGI.

“Thousands of teachers in over 46 states have gone to paperless assessments to record their data.”

It’s a web-based software that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It’s faster with personalized flash cards and parent letters that are ready to use. You can customize it to add your own tests or start right away with preloaded common assessments. Finally, it’s automated with everything done for you! You just collect the data and the program organizes, tallies and viola… you have data ready to use at the push of a button.

So, it’s not really Friday!!! But it is FREE!

Go to ESGI and sign up. Use if for 60 days FREE!

Use PROMO Code: 14ITKB1301

Why not give it a try!

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