Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Big Campus

My Big Campus is a web-based social learning network developed for K-12 school districts. Designed with built-in safety features, the service provides a monitored and secure means of providing social media tools in classrooms.
My Big Campus Online
The platform has a Facebook-like user interface, making it recognizable to students and teachers. This familiarity aids in classroom use and encourages collaboration. My Big Campus is specifically designed for K12 education and includes digital classroom tools allowing educators to create and post assignments, build calendars, and utilize assessment tools for quizzes and polls. Students use My Big Campus to collaborate, share resources, and manage their class schedule and assignments.
The My Big Campus Educational Resource Library is a collection of online resources shared among My Big Campus users. The resource library is pre-embedded with educational videos, wikis, documents, and websites; and teachers can add to the library as they come across educational resources online. Educational videos on YouTube can also be entered in the resource library, but the additional links and peripheral images and ads commonly found with YouTube videos are stripped away. In other words, if you have a My Big Campus account, you can login at home to download YouTube videos you cannot view at school. What a great alternative to see those awesome YouTube learning videos that our school servers often nix.
My Big Campus also has a mobile device app for iOS and Android. Check it out at your Google Play store or at the Apple app store.
My Big Campus App
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  1. Great post on My Big Campus. Are you using it in your classroom?

    1. Yes, I use it in my classroom. I especially love the ease of downloading YouTube videos for use with my students since it's difficult to get around the road blocks our district puts up!