Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Easter Bunny's Assistant

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The Easter Bunny's Assistant

The Easter Bunny gets an unusual assistant - Skunk! Skunk is excited to help decorate Easter eggs, and when Skunk gets excited, he gets stinky. The Easter bunny is forgiving at first, telling Skunk, “Please try to control yourself,” but resorts to pushing him out of the room before they eventually reconcile (with help from a clothespin). Skunk’s enthusiasm is contagious, and readers will be giggling at the stench-themed humor and the Easter bunny’s outsize reactions.

I love this cute book, "The Easter Bunny's Assistant." You can find it on my YouTube channel. You'll want to include this funny read in your Easter lessons. Your students will be laughing at all the "stink" it makes and so will you!

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