Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reading Folders–FREE Sample

Are you tired of buying fancy folders or book replacements for your students to take home reading books?

Look no further!

Take Home Reading Homework Folders

For your FREE sample, click the picture and download.

I’ll be back with an entire packet for sale if you would like more. But in the meantime, just print and glue to 9 X 13 manila folders with the clasp and laminate. Also, use Velcro for a better closure! Makes for a sturdy take home book reading folder!

In order for your student names to look like “Ashley” above, you’ll need to download the font named Janda Fabulous.

I’ll be posting more info to add to your reading books folder if you’d like to come back or visit my TPT store. Who knows, I might give it away FREE too!

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