Saturday, September 13, 2014

FREE Behavior Chart

What steps do you take to reinforce positive behavior in your classroom?

I’ve been teaching almost 2 decades now and I’ve tried a variety of behavior management techniques. But, this year, I’m trying something different. I’m sure you’ve all seen the 7 step vertical charts like the one below all over Pinterest. And, a few of my colleagues use this and love it. One of the best things about this management technique is your students learn to manage themselves by moving their own clip up and down the chart thus really making an impact.

behavior chart

I find it’s working for them so I’m giving it a try too. However, I’ve modified it to fit my teaching style. Although chevron is popular, I’m keeping with the traditional apple school theme.

I like the idea of using it like a stoplight… green to continue being a super student making good choices, yellow for caution think about your choices, and red “stop” what you’re doing.

And, since I teach Kindergarten I kept my chart to 5 pictures with graphics that help the student understand how they are doing. For example, lots of confetti (super student), some confetti (good choices), light bulbs (think time) and the rain (well you know…). Also, the apple continues to get smaller or larger depending upon the choices they are making.

If you would like a free copy, you can click on the Super Student picture to download. Laminate, hole punch and tie together vertically and add your students names on clothespins to the Ready to Learn picture.






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