Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday’s Feature – Educents


Kinder Cupboard invited us to contribute a guest blog post and we couldn’t be more honored. If you haven’t heard about Educents (, here’s what you need to know!

Educents is an online marketplace founded by Kate and Kaitlyn. We are completely passionate about education and the belief that it should be affordable for anyone. We have daily deals for students, parents, and educators on curriculum, bundles from the bloggers and teachers you love, science kits, and more! It’s been just over a year since we started and we’re proud to say that we have saved educators more than $7 million!


Here at Educents there are THREE things that we absolutely LOVE to do:

1. Find brands that every classroom normally has and make them affordable

Right now, we have Magic School Bus Science Kits ( on sale for 31% off from The Young Scientists Club. These kits get children’s hands on different worlds through Ms. Frizzle’s familiar guidance that will make learning a blast!


We often feature brands like Scholastic and Rosetta Stone, and we, like most of the world, love Frozen! There’s sure to be a familiar face on our site.

2. Partner with companies on a similar mission

Mona MELisa Designs’ products are special because they are manufactured right in the U.S.! The company was started by two moms who imagined a product they wanted for their kids, and in the end, created a fantastic learning tool for all.


Educents is offering Mona MELisa’s Peel, Play & Learn Kits for 50% off ( The kits are great tools to use in the classroom or your home as wall decals and learning supplements! Don’t worry, the decals will work on basically any surface though, including chalkboards and whiteboards.

3. Collaborate with customers and bloggers

Every week, All-Star Blogger Krista from Teaching MOMster writes a guest blog post for Math Madness Wednesdays ( We love working with bloggers and teachers who are eager to help others with materials that they have created and know well!


This week, Krista features the WILD Uno Card Bundle ( for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders – 61% off! Krista offers helpful tips from her own experiences, and those are the kinds of experiences we love to share with our readers.

We hope that you will check us out and we’d love to interact with you through Instagram (, Facebook (, our Blog (, or email (!


Thanks Kate and Kaitlyn for guest blogging today! I love your ideas and products and more importantly how they save educators and parents money while benefiting students. If you haven’t been to Educents site yet, take time to visit!

Have you purchased any of the products from Educents? Tell us about them.

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