Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gross Motor Skills

In the last post, writing and fine motor skills were the topic. Today’s post will focus on Gross Motor Skills.
GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Using the large muscles of our trunk, legs, and arms to move our bodies with coordinated effort. Also, our big muscles make us strong giving us upright postures and use of our arms and legs.
1) Mobility: to roll, crawl, squat, walk, run, jump, hop, skip, etc.
2) Coordination: to move our body with ease (i.e.: tripping over our feet)
3) Strength: to create a strong trunk to hold up our bodies and support our heads, to create strong arms to carry heavy objects, to create strong legs to help us climb, kick, and run
To grab your copy of GROSS MOTOR SKILLS & ACTIVITIES, click the picture above.
Tomorrow’s post will be about organization.
And, if you found the gross motor activities helpful, stay tuned on Fridays for lots more FREE activities to help you strengthen your little kiddos physically while having lots of fun!

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