Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kitchen Menus & Writing

My Kindergarteners love playing in the kitchen dramatic play center. And, although I believe it is appropriate for them to focus on playing together, sharing, and their language, it’s also important to make this station common core friendly.
It’s not often my students get to play in this station but when they do they are responsible for the following:
1.  Set the table for 2 (or 3, 4, 5, or 6 – depending upon the number we’re working on)
2.  Role play – Students choose what role they would like to play such as chef, dishwasher, customers, waiter/waitress, cashier, hostess.
3.  Share – Sharing is important so students know they need to take on a different role each time they are learning at this station.
4.  Organize – Students also know while they are playing and when they clean up where all the items are to be placed. I took pictures of the items in my play kitchen and then taped them to the areas where the items are to be placed.
5.  Menus – Last of all, students have menus to play with. You can download them today for FREE. The “customers” read the menu with the words printed on it. AND, the waiter/waitresses write on the menus with the missing beginning sounds or missing words. Just laminate and you’re ready to go!
Click on EACH picture below to get your FREE menus. 
kitchen menu
kitchen menu order pad 1
kitchen menu order pad 2
Hope you enjoy these menus and especially your students too!
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There’s lots more FREE items to come! Thank you!

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