Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No, David!

Tomorrow is my first day back to Kindergarten with new students! I’m excited just like the kids. On the first day, I always read the story David Goes to School and No, David!  Not only are they fun books for the students but they help to establish good behaviors for the year.

David Goes to School

No, David!

If you haven’t already searched on YouTube for these videos, here they are. Although I enjoy reading the books much more, my students love to watch the videos too. So, we do both! Plus, the children enjoy comparing them. And, if you watch them the day following your read alouds, making an anchor chart or art project helps solidify your teaching.

So, if your district is like mine, YouTube along with many, many other sites, are blocked. It’s frustrating not being able to access so many great resources. Anyhow, if your district uses filters and you are unable to access YouTube, you can still watch this video if you are using Google Reader. Most districts do not block this reader. Therefore, project, click and play!

If you’d rather have your own copy downloaded on your school computer, it will take several more steps to do so. This is just one simple solution to having the video at your fingertips if you are receiving these posts. If you are not receiving The Kinder Cupboard posts, by becoming a member, you too can watch these at school.

Last of all, here are some wonderful pictures floating around the internet and Pinterest for follow up activities. In my classroom, we always make an anchor chart the first day after reading the David books. The second day of school, we review the movies and anchor charts. Then, we complete an art project. If you haven’t tried this before, you will love it.


writers workshop4_thumb[2]me and my school rules anchor David Goes to School

Tomorrow, I will be back with videos on The Kissing Hand and other great stories and short movie clips. I hope you found this resource helpful.

Have a great first day back to school.


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