Thursday, January 1, 2015

Magical Dry Erase Markers & Sharpies

If you’re an experienced teacher you may already know these tips and tricks of the trade. But, if not, these might come in handy for you!

Did you know you don’t need Dry Erase Boards in your classroom?

All you need are tables! My students use the tables as their dry erase board all the time. It’s great for practicing words, letters, handwriting, direct draws, math or whatever else you want your kids to do with a dry erase marker.

As you can see below in the picture, I use my dry erase marker everyday! I write notes on my teacher table and teacher desk. It’s quick, especially during teaching times and I never lose my notes! Simply erase and it’s gone!

How do you use Sharpies in class?

I *HATE* floating nameplates on my students’ tables. And, when they are taped down, well they tend to pick at them and eventually, you have a mess to clean up and new nameplates to create. Time you could be using to plan your important instructional lessons.

So, use a Sharpie instead!

Once I decide on where children are going to sit (I call this their “Good Morning Table”), I write their names with a Sharpie on the table. Everyday, they begin their morning here. I love it because I don’t have nameplates to create and care for. It saves me time! But, more importantly, my students get right to work every morning because they know right where to go, they learn to recognize their name, spell it, write it, and identify the letters. Better yet, I can use this method to have students help me find others table seats, pass out journals or supplies to specific people, etc. Thus, they learn other names and letters too!

And, if I need to move someone, simple use a sponge like the one above with soap and water to scrub it off. This is a great task for a student who loves to help or a student who needs a consequence. Either way, saves you time once again!

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