Thursday, April 3, 2014

Facebook–Getting Picky

Did you know Facebook has gotten picky with what you receive in your newsfeed? If you haven’t noticed, you may not be receiving notifications or feeds from pages you’ve liked any longer. If that’s the case, you might be missing out!

Be sure to follow our favorite pages AND receive your feeds. Don’t let Facebook choose for you. Here’s how you can help control what you’re seeing in your newsfeeds.

1. First, when you visit a page you like be sure to LIKE the page AND don’t forget to click on NOTIFICATIONS. See the red circle and arrows below to find these in the picture below.

Facebook Notifications Pic

2. Second, to continue getting your favorite pages in your newsfeed along with notifications from those pages, you’ll want to interact often on that page. Here are 2 ways in which you can be sure to get your feeds.

One way is to be sure to click the small LIKE on a specific post on that page. See the example in the picture below.

Facebook Notifications 3

Another way is to comment and share often. See where you can do this below in the next picture.

Facebook Notifications 6

Hope you found this post helpful!

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