Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Calendar Time–Linky Party

Today, I wanted to share a few products I use in my classroom when teaching the calendar specifically. If you’ve never seen these products you’ll be amazed what you can get out of a quick calendar lesson!
CURIOSITY BAIT makes learning truly exciting for students and teachers.  It promotes higher-level thinking and increases general knowledge with very little teacher preparation.
How does it work?  With your Curiosity Bait Card Holder, you will “dangle” a mystery pattern by revealing one clue each day for a month.  Your children will then team together as a community of learners to “unlock” the mystery before the month’s end.  Different patterns keep the learning lively.
Each kit contains ready-to-laminate pattern cards, pattern suggestions, blackline masters, and suggestions for journaling and other extensions.  A Curiosity Bait Card Holder is sold separately.
Not only do I teach about the calendar as a tool for time but I can double the power by using cards that I pattern and teach about.
NUMBER LITERACY - This is a daily, 10-minute routine that you will use to draw upon your children’s ability to think visually. Together you and your children will use grids and dots to help your children develop useful visual images of mathematical concepts and processes. Appropriate for grades K and higher, this large group routine will help you model the correct use of the written language of mathematics in a constructive, visual context.
Practice Pages are designed to make math easy again for students of all ages. These books focus on helping children master basic math facts in various topics, and will bolster test scores by greatly improving their understanding of the math concept being taught. Each book has four sections about one specific topic. Sections vary in difficulty allowing you to personalize specific sections toward individual student needs. bby Practice pages are easy to use, quick, effective, unique, engaging, and developmentally appropriate for all children.
bby Practice Pages are versatile and can be used as daily practice, quizzes, assessments, flash cards, mental math, seatwork, tutoring aids, test preparation, and as supplements to existing math programs. Each book contains easy-to-follow instructions, an English parent letter, a Spanish parent letter, 4 different sections on one topic, answer keys, teaching tips, and 80 pages of practice. The thirty-one books currently in print cover topics of addition, subtraction, money, number sense, time, equivalence, fractions, decimals, percents and more.
You can find all of these resources and many more at
Just click on their “PRODUCTS” tab.

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