Monday, September 3, 2012

Stop Interruptions Fast!

Do you find your students often interrupting your small literacy or math groups during independent work time? If so, here are a few solutions.
question chair
I love my question chair!
All you need is a classroom chair and black jumbo sharpie. Not to worry, if you need to remove the permanent marker, it comes right off with a little elbow grease and degreaser that your janitor can provide you with.
Place your chair strategically when deciding upon where it should go. To minimize interruptions,  I have placed mine about 3 to 4 feet away from my kidney table where I teach small groups. By doing so, students who have questions or need help will sit quietly until I call on them because they are not physically a part of the small group I am working with.
I have one rule regarding the question chair. ONLY 1 student at a time may come up and sit in it. If it is occupied, students must stay at their independent station until it no longer has a student sitting in it. This rule helps prevent constant interruptions and in addition, students begin to learn it’s okay to ask their peers for assistance too.
Have you seen these terrific gadgets?
learning resources mini recorders
This small group saver, also known as Talk Point, can be found here or at most local educational retailers for about $7.00 each. They are definitely a bargain and worth every penny.

Just flip it over, push it to the record mode, and press the large button on the front to record your voice and the instructions students need to complete their independent station. When all done, place it in the regular mode once again. Your students will learn to become more independent and better listeners as they love to push the button and hear their teacher’s voice.

AND, how about these!


Lots of teachers place these on their tables or desks to help students learn when it’s okay to ask for help and when they need to stay at their independent work station.

How do you get students to not interrupt while you’re focusing on small literacy and math groups during independent work time?


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  1. I have not heard of these Talk Gadgets. These look wonderful! Thank you for the ideas!
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